On Mystery

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“The biggest illusion is that there is a mystery.”

~ Tom Howe

Ha, I love that! Sponsors deep thought, in my opinion. Plus it’s brief and clear. ABC: accuracy, brevity and clarity. And try to think of a mystery it don’t apply to. Good luck. There are some, of course, but not nearly as many as people think. Not even close.

How about an ethical quandry? Duh. Follow your conscience, dumbass. That will take care of 90% of those mysteries in an eyeblink. Who doesn’t know their conscience is right? Nobody. On almost every occasion when people think they don’t know what is right to do, it’s because they’re blocking their conscience, for fear or sloth or shame or whatever.

And the other 10% isn’t hard either, just do what wise people have done through the centuries when confronted with a similar problem. There’s sure no lack of good role models for the confused. Lucky people actually have those in their own family.

For the rare bird with no conscience it’s not a bit mysterious, just do what you want and hope you don’t get caught.

Another example: Restaurant Impossible. Those owners are always so mystified… “Why Lord, why…where did I go wrong?”

After watching those shows I know exactly why—because they didn’t know what they were doing. Most of the time it’s because they didn’t have systems in place (such as posted rules or standard training). There was no mystery there. All they had to do was read a good book on how to manage a restaurant correctly and follow through. Plus you need excellent food. Mystery? Not.

Egomaniacs know they are assholes. It’s no mystery to them, they just conceal it…they create the illusion within themselves that there’s this big mystery why guys hate them and girls really dig them (for awhile anyway) but they know. No mystery there.

“Oh why am I here? What am I for? Why was I born?”

Everybody knows the answer to the Big Question. They’re kidding themselves if they say they don’t.

You are here to live your life, as long as you have it. Different folks down through history have answered the big question for themselves a thousand different ways, but you know deep down you have to make your own answer, for now anyway. Not a mystery, something you earn by living. And the fact that life teems with unknowable things is the antithesis of mysterious. It’s purely logical, since beings in our condition cannot know some things. Well, of course those mysteries are not mysterious in the least, merely unknowable.

There’s no mystery. Just live. Do well. Quit fucking off.

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