My last blog

This ain’t really my last blog, just practicing up on my advertising copyrighting and playing the sympathy card. Lie, lie, lie, that’s me. Although that wasn’t really what I would call a downright lie, since I am gonna talk about that last blog that I wrote. Just did. Ha. Consider me with the same thoughtfulness you do the pictures of sandwiches on TV ads. Am I really as big as I look?

Might as well be my lastish blog, slow as I’ve been posting lately. Been busy, believe it or not. Lucked into the greatest gig on the planet. Never knew a sympatico editor/writer relationship could be so amazingly wonderful. I am an editor, plain and simple. Frankly, I’m the best editor I ever knew. In fact, I never knew editors could be this good. Born to be one. All these many decades, and I never had a clue.

I’m actually good enough at something finally to not give a shit what anybody thinks about my work. I know it rocks. Very solid. And editing is such cake. You fix other people’s stuff. How easy is that? The hard part is creating it. All I do is just point out where it could be better. Duh. It’s all pre-suffered. I’m just the annoying guy at the end. Emotional freedom is such a blessing.

I can’t believe nobody ever told me about this.

Went down to Taos to research the setting. Came back with some terrific pics. Here’s one, with a little editorial flair, a fictionalized graphic.


Your ever-lovin’ editor,


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  1. filigreegirl says:

    I’m so ever-lovin’ happy for your great gig! Hope it’s the beginning of a long and lavish trend for you.

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