Life takes a holiday

What’s up with death these days? This whole vampire/zombie kick has me blowing chunks. I feel like one of those guys in the tales who goes to sleep for a century and wakes up and now death is good.

I ain’t got nothing special against death. Being the philosophical type I understand there’s no life without it, and life is worth death. Or used to be. Now death is the beaniest! Who needs life anyway?

The reason I’m going off (like I told myself I wouldn’t do while blogging) is there’s this guy in my apartment building who hung a six-foot plastic Grim Reaper on his door for Halloween, in an ominous hooded black robe, bony fingers hanging out. Freakin perfect for Halloween, but now it’s Halloween all year. He won’t take it down. Every time I drag my fat sad carcass up the stairs here at home, when I get to the top, there looms Death.

Now, in the spirit of Santa one might imagine, the guy’s hung Christmas ornaments for earrings on the skull. Come the Fourth of July no doubt Death will wave Old Glory. Here we go Deaaath, here we go!

Pop culture is the vampire. It sucks the heart out of our brains.

Still breathing, sorry,


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