A bad secret

But no one should shatter the old words, unless he finds the new word that is a firm rampart against the limitless and grasps more life in it than in the old word.

~ Carl Jung

This is the kind of bad secret that it’s not a good idea for most people to know, or believe anyway. That’s why it’s bad – the kind of thing only very advanced beings should understand, because there is no possible benefit for a normal person like you or me, unless you’ve gone beyond knowing somehow and need no rampart against the limitless. If you believe it, there’s not much difference between you and an insane person, other than you act normal when the occasion warrants.

Don’t know if I believe it or not yet, but I know it, and I feel infected with the seed of insanity. Strange thoughts lurk in the murk.

So beware, if you are of a philosophical bent, prone to deep probing wonderings past the boundaries of quotidian reality, this one will make you crazy. The first original deep thought I’ve had in quite some time, a secret that has not been taught to me by any book or spiritual source, but by my own questing mind.

I would really kinda like that I know this – if it didn’t make me feel so crazy. My rational mind says it can’t be true, but in so many ways it feels really right to me, in my bones, and in my deep understanding-ness, that part there’s no word for. Maybe the crazy part, I reckon.

On the face of it, this idea is silly, which is why you have to go by the ass of it. Prepare to enter flip-flop world, where everything is is not, what? Feeling-brain, ON.

It starts with the belief that all is one. That everything in the universe and out of it is so tightly interconnected that it’s indivisible. Not that hard to believe. Makes sense to me anyway.

Listening not to me but to the Logos, it is wise to agree that all things are one.

~ Heraclitus

The knowledge of the unity of all is good for you and good for others as well. Therefore all is one.

~ Ellam Ondre

We are all one.

~ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

We are one, after all, you and I. Together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other.

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of One.

~ Hermes Trismegistus

Part of the reason I believe in the unity of all is language –  there are no everythings. There is only everything. One thing, everything. It’s generally thought of as something of a baseline Buddhist belief, that true oneness is overlaid by our perceptions of things, that we create divisions where there really are none. “Pleasure, pain, loss gain…all the same.” And whatnot.

That’s Part A.

Part B came after I watched the movie Inception for the third time in two days. I was caught up in the dichotomy of dream versus reality. That movie is a great primer for confusion.

As the top on the table sat spinning at the end of the movie, for the third time, still unable to decide whether to fall or keep spinning, my mind spun too, between the polarities of everything, not merely dreams and waking.

The difference between dreams and waking….

The difference became for me not between dreams and waking but between difference itself, how dreams and waking both build each other and the only real difference is in the difference.

Then it hit me. There is none. And not just dreams and reality. The only thing between anything is the word between.

Everything is everything. And I don’t mean identical, I mean the same. A bagel is a pork chop is a streetlamp is an otter is a stump. Everything is exactly the same as everything else. There is no difference between any two things because they are literally each other. It doesn’t matter what two things one picks, there is no difference between them in the least, for they are only one and the same.

Infinity is the same as zero. Evil is good. Good is evil. A penis is a vagina. Mother is Father. Father is Mother. Theatre is hetero. All the really weird things you can think of that are most the opposite of anything else are not just another side of the same coin, they are the exact same side. They are that.

Everything is everything,


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  1. Hi Tom – Welcome to my world!

    One idea I’ve loved for a long time is how we believe that ‘reality’ occurs during what we call ‘the awake state’ and dreams occur during ‘the sleep state’ (i.e. when we are not in control, not aware, therefore free to consider all kinds of alternatives that don’t seem to make sense). But for the Australian Aborigines, the dream state is ‘reality’.

    I love what becomes possible in my life when I assume this as a basic ‘fact’ of existence. I look forward to further posts as you explore this new perspective.

    • LWIII says:

      Thanks Gwen! One thing we do know for a fact about our world or ‘reality’ ha ha is that it’s a mystery. Love your take on dreams. I think reality may actually be different for different people, which is why we have such a hard time deciding what it is. Right and left brainers experience the world differently… is it truly different for each?

  2. Kimberlynn says:

    This past Monday I wanted to see the meteor shower from the constellation Gemini but it was too overcast here, so I went to bed. I dreamed that I was in a beautiful, wide open field and could see each and every shooting trail of light in the inky blackness of sky as the meteor danced just for me through the night. I awoke with the knowledge that although I was unable to see it with my eyes, my soul allowed me the beauty of it as I would never have seen otherwise.
    I know that we are all much more connected than most are able to grasp, but not knowing or understanding something does not make it any less true.

    • LWIII says:

      That’s beautiful, Kimberlynn, thanks for sharing it. A wonderful dream. And I agree, we are all connected, even though sometimes we don’t feel that way.

  3. Of course everything is everything is THAT. It is the fabric of nature, where the smallest parts only differentiate themselves out of the big bang step-by-step. From quarks to atoms, from atoms to elements and from elements to molecules etc. And all that is pulled into being is limited to a certain quantity, numbered in tables, and that is IT for everybody, everything, everywhere, always. We are lucky to have physics to explain all that to us or even make us understand. Although for that I prefer philosophy, of my own brand.

    • LWIII says:

      Hey Ron, thanks! Glad to know somebody understands. Darn if I know how a pickle can be a tuba, but it’s so, somehow.

      Problem is words, I think. Words are a pretty thin substitute for reality. Reality is something we can’t even experience, much less name. What we experience through our senses is not reality, it’s our synapses. Who knows what’s really out there? Words sure don’t.

      Great to see you again Ron, and thanks so much for stopping by to comment. Be well!


      • Yes, words. But they are not the problem. They are the solution. Words express value for what is tried, or an even better try for what has just been valued positively. And as such, they are part of reality, which is either developing or getting a good understanding of itself through words. Cheers!

  4. LWIII says:

    Ha, words as a solution. Always the joker, eh Ron?

    Sorry, I’m a teasaholic, can’t help myself. I do agree that words can be helpful, and communication is with words, mostly, so anything in that direction is marvelous. But if words are the solution, I’m hosed.

    If one is aligned to a specific belief, then the words from that belief can be a comfort. But if you agree with all viewpoints (or in my case disagree) then it just becomes a cacaphony. More words, and they all tend to disagree. To find truth all you have to do is agree with someone’s words. Depending on which disagreer you want to go with. Words can hold truth, but only kinda semi. Maybe math is more nondenominational.

    Thanks Ron, I always appreciate hearing from you. Be well!

  5. If all viewpoints wouldn’t harmonize into one reality, the laws of physics would not be as beautiful as they are. We only need to make sure we do not use the same words for different things or different words for the same.

    • LWIII says:

      Viewpoints harmonize, ideally, but they sure don’t coincide. I agree there’s only one reality. But as long as there is different neurochemistry in separate brains there will be different ways of experiencing that, and it’s hard to account for that with words. Words are fine, but they can’t deal with things like paradox and infinity, or a delicate refined taste, like mine own.

      Have a great day, Ron, and thanks!

      • Yes, neurologically we are all different and unable to coincide. Therefore, it must be about content not form, where the coinciding is to take place. Reality reflects itself in us, including us and others, so everything is reflected everywhere. Question is, does that content (partially) confirm any other content in anybody else’s mind?

  6. LWIII says:

    I would say it definitely does, because of our shared reality. But I still don’t value words that highly, other than as esthetic decoration. Good for singing!

  7. Don’t you believe that reality reflects itself in our minds best my means of words? I do.

    • LWIII says:

      Well if we didn’t have words, who knows how we would think? Words are definitely a reflection of reality, they just ain’t that reality. I think words do help (a lot!) but they still are an approximation. And mostly blather, in my opinion, a way to persuade people to accept one’s viewpoint, at least from a philosophical or religious or marketing perspective.

      One time I read the King James Bible cover to cover and it was the most painful boring slog I’ve ever grunted through. Lots of people find it incredibly inspiring, Lord knows why. Same exact words, way different meaning. Words, ha!

      I do agree with you that words are a solution, just remain unconvinced that they are the solution, or ever can be. All the work I’ve done with words, all the love I’ve lavished on them, all the hundreds and hundreds of hours I’ve spent caressing, debauching, and embalming them, has mainly given me one understanding – words are baloney. Delicious baloney with cheees, that is true, but still lunchmeat.

      They are kind of like a trick. You can make words do whatever you want, but the true reality beneath them remains undisturbed…and generally untouched, I reckon.

      Thanks for this conversation, Ron. I always treasure our disagreements! Hope all is well with you and life is treating you like a king.

      • Words are not reality but reality is words and much more. So words model and reflect reality that contains those words and much more. So words can pick only their own world or all the rest as well.

        See you in a next disagreement Tom!

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