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A picture

Ran a hardware diagnostic program on my computer yesterday – FAIL. It said the hard drive is about to crap out any moment. Wondered why things been getting hinky.

Hoping that day isn’t today, but will need to replace the drive. Basically I’m wiping my computer’s brain. It will still work, there just won’t be any information in there, not even a blessed operating system. May take a while for a non-geek, at least in the computer sense, to get things running again (backup city here we go, do dah, do day) so if I miss a post it won’t be that I don’t have anything to say, but because I can’t say yet, because the ol’ computer is down.

Your friend in excuses,


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  1. filigreegirl says:

    Sending you a steady flow of good wishes for the hard drive surgery.

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