I’ll put some words in some imaginary religious folks’ mouths: “If you don’t love this book, the creator of the universe will burn you forever.” “If you agree with me, God will like you.” “Our group is the only group in history that has the truth.” “Our truth is the only truth ever possible for […]


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The Ding Dong Effect

After a scientific study of several long and arduous minutes, I’ve decided to call it The Ding Dong Effect. What happens, that is, when one does the same thing over and over, continually. This Ding Dong thing doesn’t just happen to me, I figured, because other people talk about what happens when you say the […]


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Another bad thing

Okay, bust out the silver lining patrol, here we go again. You know that thing I spent 200 hours busting my ass on? Well if I’d known what I was doing, I would have realized almost from the start that it wouldn’t work. A bad file, completely worthless. Those entire three hellish weeks were nothing […]


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At the left hand of God

I’ve been thinking lately (I know, I know, but can’t help myself) about that dream I had that my life’s purpose is to help support the feminine energy. What does that entail? I think I need to help raise the Goddess back to her throne at the left hand of God. The zeitgeist of our […]


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A bad thing

Something bad happened the other day. And it happened over and over and over. There was nothing I could do to stop it. You see, I was in the middle of creating the Flash animation for my new logo. The Word Doctor, but we won’t mention him. As a Flash master, I totally suck. You […]


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The thing about the thing

The thing that bugs me about the thing is that I only use it like once a year, so I have to relearn practically the whole darn thing every time. Plus I’m no natural at it, being way too prone to stargazing and talking people into pulling my finger to be much good at doing […]


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