Why is a question I’ve been asking ever since I learned the concept of ask. Why am I here? Why is it like this? Why anything and everything? Think I finally may have the answer. Always figured I would have to find a spiritual answer to that question, my existential yawp. An implied communication from […]


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Lavender Mists

Now I’ve never been much of one for much enjoying modern art, especially of the non-objective kind. I like abstraction to a point, since all art is in a sense abstracting from nature or reality – an artifice not the real thing – which is why the name art. But if there’s no reference to […]


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Musings of a mapaholic

Thanks, Tom, for the opportunity of providing a guest blog post. I’m Gwen McCauley and I’m a mapaholic.  I know, I know. How on earth could I have allowed myself to get this far without having requested an intervention of some sort.  But it just sort of snuck up on me, you see. My love […]


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