Ignorance, the lifestyle

There is an ignorance deep down life. I cannot say what it is, don’t even know what it is, doubt that ignorance is even the right word, but there it is, a mystery unnamed, a sheen of something holding truth away – if truth is even knowable – an invisible force field of non-meaning. It […]


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A fuddy-duddy on Perdido Street

Just finished reading Perdido Street Station, by China Miéville. Am flummoxed. Quite a read, a page turner, but I never read a book before that only contains bad memories for me. I think back on it and squirm and sigh. The art of revulsion. It’s in the steam punk genre with more that a smidgen […]


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The wounded healer

Wounded healer lead me home, Lend me the sound of your healing drum. The beating heart, the blood of pain, Set my soul on wings again…. This one is for healing, an enchantment to send deep healing to the dark winds and back again, for has not enchantment always involved chanting? And is not art […]


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Climate change

Since today is my 200th blog I was going to talk about that, but found out today, October 15, 2009, is Blog Action Day and the topic is climate change. Bloggers around the world are discussing climate change and what to do about it. I am not a huge joiner of political causes or an […]


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Bare naked truth

I asked a Twitter pal to give me a topic for today’s blog, and she offered up a doozy: The value or not of bare naked truth: Is truth a fact, or relative? Truth is one of my favorite subjects, so this should be fun, though I have covered truth-ish ground before. A line from a […]


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The difference between knowledge and wisdom is courage. One can have all the knowledge in the world but without courage all it does is puff up your wishing and make you bossy. Knowledge is knowing what to do, but wisdom is doing it. Wisdom has little to do with what you know, only how you act. […]


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The mother of Mary Poppins

Pamela Travers is kind of like my mother too, for it was she who first sent my wondering child-soul down the blown rose path of fantasia, the everquest into the mythic forest of the human. It was only much later that I discovered she was not only the maker of Miss Poppins, but also – […]


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The danger of sarcasm

I hate coolness. With a hot hate. Everything I love is anti-cool. I love kindness and thoughtfulness; sincerity and generosity and understanding and warmth – childishness with a passion. Boy, what a dork, huh? I also care immensely, and if you show you really really care, man, whew, talk about uncool. Wouldn’t be so bad […]


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