Autumn Hearts

If you ask me, ‘Do you believe in God?’ forgive me if I answer, ‘Does God believe in me?’ Susan Sarandon may not have the answer to those questions, but I’ll believe her anyway. It all boils down to the dichotomy again. Yes or no. There is only one thing: Choice. The difference between yes […]


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My fears

My fears are a little to numerous to list in this limited space, so I’ll concentrate on two. My fear for humor and my fear for society and the children it creates. Humor seems to be becoming almost strictly a weapon these days. Family Guy-type humor that is based on putting something or somebody down. […]


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Good v Bad

The ultimate battle. The mightiest of all supreme ya yas – good versus evil – or, as one might put it, good v bad. The battle between good and evil is like most everything, depends on how you look at it. To my mind, it’s not so much a battle between opposites as it is […]


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Sugar and meaning

This blog is dedicated to DGrintalis, for whose generous tweet I am much in debt. Sugar is like all good things. Too much of it is bad. Doggone it, that’s just not fair. Something that is good should remain good to the end – good, good, good, and that’s it – but that’s not how […]


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Nuggets from Pickens

Sad to say, ol’ Loney had a bit of a dustup with some gunpowder down at the town’s fireworks foldrol this evenin, so I’m takin over for a bit. Yep, it’s me folks, Hank Pickens, your resident cowdude, international spy, and hero of outer space. Resident may be stretching it, seeing as how I don’t […]


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Infinite parallel universes, etc.

Those who don’t know me may be surprised to learn I’m not an experienced quantum mechanic. I know, I know – it does sometimes seem like I know everything, but I don’t. In fact, I had never heard of M Theory until the other night. Unfortunately M Theory deals with more than just Ms. If […]


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