If I’d found a nickle under every new leaf I’ve turned over in my lifetime, I’d be a nickleaire, bigtime. But I’ve decided its time to track down another one o’ them pesky leaves and give it a flip. Whoops! What do we find here, under this green bit of spring?   Gratitude  I’m sick […]


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“Re-Directing Eddie”: a movie review

Well folks, here we go, my first movie review ever. Someone on Twitter said they would send a DVD of this movie to any blogger who would post of review of it, so on a whim I said sure, and sent them my address in a Twitter message. To my surprise, a few days later […]


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In honor of summer

Had a really bad jones for the Louis Armstrong/Billie Holliday version of Cole Porter’s Summertime this aft. So went online to track it down. The only one I could find was a Quicktime version and had to upgrade to Quicktime Pro to get it down to my desktop, so it cost me thirty bucks, but […]


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The Internet Sacred Text Archive

I gotta mention this awesome website: It’s a spiritual seeker’s treasurehouse, also great for comparative religion types, full of a huge selection of folklore, religious, mystical, mythic, and spiritual writings from all of mankind – offered for free online or one can order CDs of their entire collection. Thank goodness for US copyright laws […]


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Patrick O’Brian

Perfection alert! Perfection alert! Tweet tweet tweet! I’m about to paste in a long passage of the most delightful prose to come down the pike in many a century, by my lights. From the book Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian, the first in a series of British naval adventures during the Napoleonic wars. His two […]


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Pickens returns

Howdy folks! Hank here, Pickens, that is, your favorite cowboy astronaut and international spy, back from the lonesome trail. Been off to planet Darn Tootin’ IV, wrangling them almighty cow aliens again. Now I not only saved the earth, but had to save the entire known universe. But like I said, I don’t mind. Nothin’ […]


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Television vow

I am so tired of being a slave to things. Slave to this, slave to that, slave to the television. As of right now I vow to not turn on the TV for a single second in the next week. The next time it goes on will be at 1:00 am next Saturday morning, at […]


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Well, it’s official. I’m hooked. Took a couple of months since I joined to get the hang of it. Twitter is a very confusing place for a beginner. Just doesn’t make any sense. Like waves don’t make sense to a beginning surfer. They just smash him around and throw him in the air. But after […]


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Korczak’s Children

Last night I saw the best production of a play I’ve ever seen. I’m still vibrating in resonance with the beauty and humanity of it. The play was called Korczak’s Children, by Jeffrey Hatcher. An excellent play, but the thing about this production that made it bust my heart (in a good way) was the children […]


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Met God the other day. First time in my life I can say that. Always been kind of a spiritual-leaning type, but more of a looker than a finder. It was in a dream, so not sure it counts, though dreaming is big in the spirituality scene. I tell you what though, meeting God is […]


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The meaning of words

Long have I pondered the meaning of words, long studied, sweltered, and split them apart. And I have come to an understanding. It depends mostly on which ones you use. fyi LWIII


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