Well, they say that tears are the wine of blessedness, but I think they may be the grain a. So now it’s okay to say tears are the grain alcohol of blessedness. I do feel blessed, though, if still soggy, in grief-intoxication. Went to Wads’ funeral this morning. Saw something I will remember all my […]


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What is it about a stone? Carl Jung liked them, for one thing. The philosophers yearned for a really good one, the perfect stone, “The most ancient, secret or unknown, natural, incomprehensible, heavenly, blessed, sacred, universal triune Stone of the Sages.” A stone is of the earth, a portion of the Grand Mom of All. […]


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That new thing

Today it starts, the beginning of something. What that is I am not exactly sure, but in this neck o’ the woods, which is the size of a postage stamp, it’s big doin’s. The mystic crystal spheres arrived, for one thing, and so did my present explorations into the secret ya yas of time and […]


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All about Sunday

Sunday is special. That’s when NFL football is on TV. I would say John Elway is God, except it’s really Pete Rozelle. Football is football and that’s NFL football. This is the last week of the season, very exciting this year. Our poor benighted and running-back-less Broncs have been amazingly spotty this season. No idea […]


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Guys and Gals

What’s up with gals? The story of that word is the story of how it became wrong to be weak. Apparently, for some bizarre reason, a group of people decided that being feminine, or being considered feminine, was bad. It became an insult to call women gals, so we had to start calling them guys. […]


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Glenn Johnson

  Let me tell you the story of a man. He was a man yet is no longer, nor ever will be. If there is one word to describe this man it would be Wads, since that was his nickname. He is the first of our inner circle to perish. That circle I mention is […]


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On the eve of Christmas

God bless us, every one. Tomorrow Baby Jesus comes! As I child I felt the sacred joy of Christmas so strongly – Baby Jesus is coming to save us! I loved the idea of an infant coming to save the world. It just seemed so special and powerful to me, part of the magic of […]


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Extracto Literarium

I had no idea it would be like this. When I first came up with the idea to have a quotes page on my writer’s site, it was almost an afterthought, just something to fluff up the content and perhaps provide a small public service. If you haven’t visited the Literarium, I heartily recommend it. […]


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The thing about spheres

A sphere is perfect. A cube is perfect. And that’s all. Of all objects only those two cannot be changed or improved. If you have a sphere there’s nothing you can do to make it more spherical. Any change to it just makes it less of what it is. Same thing with a cube. A […]


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Here comes the sun

Heard the beginning of that Beatles song in the car on the way back from the physical improvement place this morning. I would admit the physical improvement place was a health club if I didn’t want to jinx myself, or seem too cheesy or something. So I won’t. Anyway, when the first tinkly sounds of […]


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When one is reduced to blogging without a life, what can be the outcome? A bunch of thoughts? Are thoughts good enough for blogs? My understanding about blogs, though vague, since I rarely read anything concerned with reality, is that they talk about stuff that happens in the bloggers life. Let’s see, I typed a […]


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Thank you mister placeholder. Quiet time’s over folks (or folk I might say, since I imagine I’m the only one checking this anymore). Blogorama The Beast of Blogg Blogoblogoblog O! (blog) Blog or Die Blog of the Bloggy Blogmeisters Blastacious Blogbusters Blog Dog Snog the Fog The Blog Beyond Bedtime Cognito Blogito Sorry. Just warming […]


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