Sorry to write about nostalgia with a brand-new set of words, but that’s how it works around here. O do I recall fondly the days when one could just bust out a set of old words to say anything you felt like saying. But that was then and this is now. Ah, then! How grand […]


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Surfing the wave

What is it to have a cosmocentric world view? According to YouTube, it’s the understanding that you as an individual stand at the leading wave of the big bang. The cosmos has been expanding ever since the literal beginning of time, a wave expanding ever-outward, with the present moment riding on its leading edge. And […]


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Viewpoints are funny. Everybody’s got one. Ha, what am I saying? One? How about one for when you’re happy and one for when you’re sad? A view for boarding and for work, for fathering and for Dad? You got a viewpoint for hard times and a viewpoint of joy, one for girls and one for boys. […]


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God is the vague feeling that everything will turn out all right. At least that is my experience of He/She/It/Whatever. May not seem like much, but it’s all I got. Actually it’s huge. Even though the feeling is vague (though pretty certain for some reason) and not based on anything but the feeling itself, it […]


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