In defense of truth

Well, went back and read my last post. Oops. Musta been a little grimmish when I excreted that. Think I was one truth over the line too many and all that truth kind of swelled, popped, and oozed. Had a truth rash. Too much disagreement under one skin. Actually, I do think it is possible […]


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The Truth

Fuck the truth. I hate it. I am so fed up with the truth that I could puke. If somebody wants to tell me the truth, go tell it to the Marines. I’ve had it. I am now officially all lies all the time. Please, for God’s sake someone lie to me! The truth. Give […]


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A thought

  Well, well, so this is blogging. Didn’t think to realize it would include writing while I was schlumpy too. Duh. So guess that means it needs become cryptic and artistic, a land of indeterminate meaning, storyish and wavering, no longer a tale of me, but a gathering of we, for complaining is something I […]


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Off the road again

Ahhh…whew. Home is where the fart is. That is to say, when you’re home, it’s okay to fart. Hate to say it, but I hold ‘em in during yoga class, while I’m practicing oneness with the universe. Guess I don’t want to embarrass the universe, at least in its microcosm, which is me and the […]


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We are the hands of heaven

A very wise man gave me a gift the other day: hands of heaven. He gave them to me energetically, during a speech. The best speech I ever heard, by a far piece, though I didn’t understand a word of it other than, “Do you understand?” The reason I understood was because there was a […]


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How far to Wilbur?

The title of this post ain’t got much to do with what I’m about to talk about, but is a question I asked the gas station lady in Republic, Washington, and as soon as it was out of my mouth I went ah-ha, sweet! I love that question. Brings up philosophical musings for me. Plus […]


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